Our philosophy

We believe in good food, in a healthy lifestyle and in a greener planet.

At SOLLEONE Bio, our ambition has been to create a range of food for everyday consumption that could indicate the right path to reach these aims. This is our inspiration.

We created Solleone Bio with the goal of producing high quality products. A quality that never compromises, but where the one goal is to achieve excellent taste and a proper nutrient supply, starting with premium-grade and essential raw materials processed carefully and gently in order to preserve all their flavour and nutritional properties. In particular, we outlined what are to be the criteria for obtaining the Best Quality:

  • respect for tradition
  • low temperatures, so as not to “wear out” the products
  • respect for the planet
  • quality without compromise

All our products meet these characteristics and, more specifically, we make our choices thinking of the ingredients that our grandparents would have used in the past to prepare homemade food for their family. This brings us to exclude artificial additives and to seek top-quality ingredients, such as ancient regional grains, Italian fruit ripened under the sun, and vegetables grown in fields without the use of greenhouses.

We believe that somewhere along the way, many of us have lost their way and have lost touch with nature.
Our philosophy Much of the modern world has been eating foods that are produced with unhealthy ingredients. To put it plainly, foods that are downright bad for our health. Refined sugar, artificial flavours, too much salt and all those “E” chemicals followed by numbers!
It wasn’t so much junk food that we were worried about. It was the food that families eat on a daily basis: it was industrially produced wheat pasta, jams and jellies produced with high-fructose corn syrup, it was overly processed oils. What’s worse is that all these foods were grown and produced using methods that were destroying the planet.
Our philosophyModern grain monocultures and large expansions of GMO corn. Foods that require a very high amount of energy to turn them into products that are cheap and unhealthy. Crops that depleted the earth and were a decisive factor in soil erosion.
At SOLLEONE Bio, our ambition has been to create a range of everyday food that could indicate the right path to reach these aims. This is our inspiration.
Our ohilosophyThe decision that came naturally was to move to Italy, our family’s home country. In this wonderful country there is a culture of food that not only appreciates delicious flavours and healthy food, but also has a long tradition of sustainable agriculture. Pasta, ancient varieties of wheat, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, rice and risottos, fruit preserves for breakfast.
We found farmers who cultivated ancient varieties of wheat in the same sustainable way their ancestors used to, a long time before the introduction of artificial fertilisers and chemical pesticides. Our philosophyWe met farmers who not only grow their vegetables the same way their grandparents once did, but who preserved them by hand using traditional Italian methods. One of our greatest achievements is that our suppliers produce these incredibly tasty foods in compliance with the most stringent global hygiene and quality specifications, with minimal impact on the planet.
This is our ongoing commitment: to always find the tastiest and healthiest products, not only for you but also for the planet. Excellent nutritional properties and great taste. Low energy consumption and no harm to the planet. You can trust the range of organic products manufactured by SOLLEONE Bio not only for their taste, traditional quality and nutritional properties, but also for the care for the environment with which they were produced.